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Large-scale performance

DAGE applaud 2019 Tmall 11. 11 carnival night

Time: 2019-11-27 10:34:22

The 2019 Tmall Double 11 Carnival Night officially hit at 19:30 on November 10th!

It was broadcast by Zhejiang Satellite TV, Oriental Satellite TV, Youku and more than ten overseas TV stations around the world. Connected to nearly 30 platforms worldwide, covering more than 50 countries and regions, reaching 10 times the coverage area of the 2018 Carnival Night broadcast.

Following the strong star line-up, this "Cat Evening" will not only bring world-class artists represented by Taylor Swift, Hanazawa Coriander, or Aida, but also Jackson(易烊千玺),member of TFBOYS, 李宇春(Chris Lee and 韩红(Han Hongjoined the popular guests.

The globalization of the party stage. Taylor Swift's internationalization of three golden songs. It is a key word in the double 11 carnival night stage. Taylor Swift, as one of the trump cards of this year, went straight to Weibo as soon as the official announcement. Hot search list TOP1. From the program list, Mildew will be the finale artist and sing three golden songs of "You Need To Calm Down", "Lover" and "Me!", All of which are the best efforts in the 2019 Mildew new album. Young fans excited yelling: " she is finally join in Chinese New Year!"

This year's "Cat Evening" to create an electronic world requires a unified dance language, this time created a multi-element combination method with the hexahedron as a unified element. Hexagon design is inspired by biology and gives the stage double meanings. One is that the electronic world needs powerful genes to operate for a long time. The hexagon is a table of genetic chemical elements. The second is the perfect design of nature's magical axe. The hive. The rules and order in the hive can allow the bee family to continue from the beginning of human beings to the present.

The always amazing "black technology" of the cat night has been upgraded again, with our AK-3822 (382W OPTIMUS PRIME Beam Moving Head Light) to bring shocking visual effects, and bring the ultimate visual feast to the audience. When 秦岚(Qin Lan)sang "You Upward" with coercion, the mop skirt changed colors and light and shadow as the music changed under the holographic projection, slowly rising into the sky, creating a moment of shock for the whole party.

This year's Cat Night was performed by the well-known domestic lighting design EYE Studio team. Under the guidance of the overall director's theme design, the lighting design directors Tian Weijun and Lu Xiaowei considered the visual impact of the whole dance in the design work. "Hide" technique creates a colorful and visual feast of light.

 The whole big party has adopted 430 pcs* Ak-3822 beam light owned by DAGE. The stable and reliable equipment has played to the fullest on the international visual stage. Adding bricks and bricks to the dance is bound to give the world's audience a super dance dinner.

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