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DAGE lighting presents Zhejiang TV 2020 New Years Eve concert

Time: 2021-01-04 16:51:31

On December 31, 2019 It was grand ended in Guangzhou Baoneng Qoros Cultural Center!

"Star" energy shows the characteristics of gratitude and resonates. 

This year marks the 70th anniversary founding of New China and the 20th anniversary of Macao's return to the motherland. Zhejiang Satellite TV uses "Grateful for having you" as its theme, and presents the entire New Year's Eve party with affection. I believe that building with "you" as the core will surely inject the dual driving force of "love + gratitude" into the audience's New Year!

As for the show, there are not only Li Yugang’s newly created "Seven Sons New Song", which deeply interprets the family and country feelings of blood and culture; also the grandparents of the "Capital Veterans Chorus" used the song "Me and My Motherland" , Sing their love for the motherland; Jackie Chan will also present a song "Country" in the finale, and wish the motherland prosperous and strong both on and off the stage! Singing is perishable, and affection lasts forever. How could the scene of singing and blessing in the audience not be expected!

Golden song and new song sing in unison

Shenwu 4. Thank you for having you 2020 Zhejiang Satellite TV New Year's Eve Party chose to start with the theme song of the third season of "Run" "Make a Billion Tons of Light". I wonder if Li Chen, Zheng Kai and Huang Xuxi's new interpretations are full of high spirits. What kind of wonderful "chemical reaction" will be produced on the stage of "Creating billions of tons of light and telling the world I love..."?

Wang Ju, the inspirational queen who perfectly interprets "turning against the wind", how will shock the audience with a song "Work For Me" this time? The popular female solo Cheng Xiao, Song Yanfei, and Liu Meilin are on the same stage. Which stage presentation will be your favorite style? Powerful idols with youth appeal, Lehua NEXT and Weishen V will bring "WYTB" and "I Love You" respectively. Cantonese girl Zhong Chuxi will use Cantonese to skewer a song from her hometown to send her New Year greetings. There will also be Wu Jinyan "The Sound of Falling Snow", Zhong Hanliang "One Day We Will Be Old", Chen Xuedong "Yesenia", with You travel back to those intoxicating pictures.

The party not only has a combination of legendary Phoenix with Chinese style, but also an international friend Hanazawa Cilantro performed "Confession Balloon". Meanwhile, Zhang Jiani, Mai Chao, Bao Jianfeng and Zeng Li will sing "Schubert Rose" and "Stable Happiness" respectively.

The stage design of this evening party is performed by Shang Tianbao. The design idea comes from the integration of architectural art. It is inevitable that there will be a part of the architectural field in the stage design. However, it can be seen that the effort spent in showing the architectural art in a performance like this can be seen. Integrating history, artistry, science, and imagination, at the moment of marching towards 2020, it will bring a limited future Noah's Ark Carnival Night.

This year's lighting design will continue to be performed by Tian Weijun and Lu Xiaowei.

Lighting Design Director Lu Xiaowei

Lighting Design Director Tian Weijun

In this New Year's Eve party, DAGE's new product: AW-4820 SKY-TOUCH BEAM 480W (pure beam light) made its first debut. Under the high requirements of the EYE vision team, the lighting effects are in full swing. Our new product GW-4836 GIANT--BEAM/SPOT/WASH/FRAME+CMY & CTO will be officially on sale on February 1, 2020. so stay tuned!

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