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Large-scale performance

The 7th International Domestic Workers Day was held in Xiamen

Time: 2018-08-15 17:17:04

On the 9th, the 7th "International Domestic Workers' Day" was held in Jimei Citizen Square in Xiamen, attracting nearly 20,000 domestic workers from all over the country. In addition to setting up a branch in the 26 cities in China, the organizers also set up international sub-districts in the Philippines and Japan. This also indicates that the influence of this public welfare activity has moved from the domestic to the international, showing the world the style of domestic domestic enterprises.

On the staff festival, exciting shows are presented one after another. Among them, 1,589 drones created the Guinness World Record for all the domestic workers, which made the atmosphere of the event constantly climax. The whole event was composed of three chapters and eight shows in series. Two special ceremonies were held on the scene, namely the Foundation Ceremony of the Public Welfare Fundand the Guinness World Record for 1589 UAVs to Create Exclusive Domestic Workers. ", the atmosphere is constantly pushed to the climax.

The organizers said that they hope that through this "International Domestic Workers' Day", many people will change the domestic industry is no longer the inherent stereotype of poor experience and low quality requirements, showing the professional, efficient and innovative side.

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