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DAGE Light sang in the 10th Anniversary Party of Zhejiang Satellite TV

Time: 2018-09-03 15:57:38

The stars are shining, and the stars are shining.

Zhejiang Satellite TV China Blue 10th Anniversary Theme Party "Because of You"

This summer, many strength sings will bring a good sound feast! Variety Artists are  gathered here.

Yesterday, Zhejiang Satellite TV "China Blue" was ten years old! At 20:45, the grand celebration party - "Because of you" Zhejiang Satellite TV China Blue 10th Anniversary Party, grand opening, singing and carnival!

In 2008, Zhejiang Satellite TV proposed the “China Blue” brand. It will be the 10th anniversary in 2018. During this decade, Zhejiang TV regarded us as a wonderful high-quality program. At 20:45 on the evening of August 26, Zhejiang Satellite TV China's 10th anniversary theme party opened a grand live broadcast.

It is reported that the host lineup is: Hua Shao, Yi Yi, Ya Li, Chen Huan, Luo Xi, Chang Geng.

For the "China Blue" in the midsummer, this summer is a four-party "blue friend" to congratulate and the stars shine in the summer.

The good sound stored in the headphones, gathered tonight let you listen to one time! Xiao Jingteng will sing a song "Let me sing a love song for you". We nodded in the heart and said: "Old Xiao, I am willing!" Zhang Liangying and Zhang Jie once again landed "China Blue" after "Running", this time no run The teammates' "drag", the strength of singing will be a good "magnification".The program group also quietly revealed that many years ago, "I love to remember the lyrics" in the audience has captured a cute hair, it is not easy to open this precious picture many years ago. The process of "from the audience to the singer" recorded by "China Blue", this time Mao is not easy to sing "People like me" on the "China Blue" stage, fearing that it has added a new meaning.

Last night was not only a good sound feast, but also a sweet pink romantic night. "Little Cheetah" Zheng Hao did not run this time, but once again cooperated with the old partner Wang Xiaochen. In the "Answer", I don't know how the two would present "love is like blue sky and white clouds, clear skies, sudden storms."Wei Daxun and Lan Yingying sang "Let's Like You" tonight. The dog boyfriend and the cat girl are eye-catching and sweet.There are also Zhang Xincheng and Zhou Jieqiong breaking the dance on the stage, super hot couple dance detonated the audience scream!Of course, there are Guo Qilin and Yan Hexiang, which are definitely not to be missed. The comic dialogue partner will enter the show tonight and bring a hilarious laugh! In addition to the "couples", the new "blue friends" - "Recognition" modern brother Liu Yuning and "Ao Red Dust" NINE PERCENT You Changjing, will also be stunningly debut, singing love songs for your deep feelings!

Last night, the stars were bright and colorful. Tonight, not only the shining star guests, but also the Hangzhou landmarks ignite the summer party night! On both sides of Qiantang, there will be a super light show on the scene.

The curtain of Qingsheng has been opened, and the wonderful feast is 20:45. "Because there is you" Zhejiang Satellite TV China Blue 10th Anniversary Theme Opening will start on time!

The design of the party dance is named after the "flying aircraft carrier". The whole visual beauty of the dance is a two-winged aircraft carrier. The aircraft carrier's bow consists of 36 sets of independent digital control video lighting modules. The wings are two sets of curved screens.The beauty of the dance design is closely related to the theme of the party. It symbolizes the power of cohesion and the spirit of building sand into a tower. I wish that the Chinese blue wheel will lead the partners to fly in the blue.

The 10th anniversary is both an ending and a new beginning. The party is composed of Shang Tianbao (EYE member) as the general design of the dance. Tian Weijun and Lu Xiaowei ( members of EYE) worked as lighting designers.

Dance Beauty Chief Design Shang Tianbao (EYE member)

Lighting Design Tian Weijun, Lu Xiaowei (EYE member)

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