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Large-scale performance

DAGE shock the large castle reality drama

Time: 2019-05-25 09:40:39

May 13 at 8 PM, the first large castle reality drama "castle! Castle!Official appearance!
The fifth shanxi jincheng yangcheng county premiere.Taihang mountain cultural tourism festival officially opened!More than 100 overseas Chinese from 26 countries and regions attended the performance.

Jincheng is the ancient myth and legend of yugong yishan, jingwei fill the sea, shennong sowing grain, nu wa patching sky occurred.
The xiachuan site and the tashuihe site show that ancient humans lived here at least 20,000 years ago in the paleolithic period.
According to the latest archaeological research, the fuxi tribe once lived on mount shicheng, the mythical kunlun hill in jincheng, dating back 8,000 years.

The castle! The castle!The large live-action drama was performed for 60 minutes in four ACTS, including "chunmeng ancient castle", "xiaofan ancient castle", "autumn harvest ancient castle" and "winter containing ancient castle".The play time when the story happened in the late Ming dynasty, the castle in jincheng area culture as the background, tells the story of picking mulberry female silkworm gu met business apprentice iron born love story, it reproduces the silkworm gu and iron raw moving love legend, also reflects the large background living in hundreds of families thrive, course of the castle, and promoted the belief in the spirit of "home" in Chinese culture, "home" is always the deepest roots.

It's a great play, with sound, light, music, scenery and superb performances. It presents a three-dimensional historical picture with local characteristics and touching feelings of home and country.In particular, it also incorporates the national intangible cultural heritage "iron flower" with local characteristics, which is magnificent and visual impact.And the castle! The castle!Ji city is a large-scale water drama based on the ji city castle.As for the title of the play, the chief director of the play dragon adow said in an interview with the media, "the ancient castle ancient castle read more powerful, here also mixed with the story of the melancholy and sadness, but also a more symbolic jincheng castle group.Because in jincheng more than one castle, each castle story is different.Ji city is only the origin of the castle story.

The play takes the ancient castle as the background and reflects the living conditions of the people in the ancient castle of taihang, which is of great significance to promote the integration and development of resources in the ancient castle of taihang.

The castle! The castle! In the live performance,  DAGE 380W beam 360 pieces , 380W 3 in 1 beam/ spot/ wash  160 pieces are used !

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