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Large-scale performance

DAGE Lighting Sings in the Zhejiang TV 2019 Mid-year Music Festival

Time: 2019-07-30 14:44:10

2019 Mid-year Music Festival,

Held in Chongqing on the evening of July 13th,

Live broadcast by Zhejiang Satellite TV to the world.

The festival gathered the most influential original power of the Chinese music scene. The festival was co-sponsored by Zhejiang Satellite TV, OPPO, and the China Audiovisual Association 

Record Working Committee. Designed to support original music, show original power and call for original spirit.

There is no limit to music, and the peak exists in the future. Every musician who stands on the stage of the stage, they break through the wall after another, and let the world see it. It is 

based on this concept that the general design of the stage design, Shang Tianbao, has created the glory hall "Wall". The "wall" of the stage design, the Lei Ya frame, was moved from 

behind the scenes to the front of the stage. The hollow Raya frame, the lighting design needs to be extremely clever, which is why it can better reflect the advantages of the stage design 

and the integrated operation of lighting by the EYE visual team, the mutual cooperation have a beautiful on-the-spot sensory experience.

Breaking the Raya frame from the inside, the "salvation" in the rigid structure is a feminine and luxurious carnival-style streamer shape, and the spiral ribbon like DNA also means that 

the DNA of the original power of music will continue to pass down. The stage looks like a city of dreams after breaking the parallel world. It has an artistic sense, enhances the sense of 

ritual, increases the authority of the industry, and blesses the original music.

Teacher Shang Tianbao also hopes that every musician on the stage can become a break-up, have creativity, break the established wall, and give new power to themselves.

The English word of the "Wall" is the same as "woo", which means that it is amazed. It also implies that every musician who climbs the Hall of Glory is worthy of everyone's applause 

and praise, and also with the beautiful blessings of the stage designers.

The vision of designing beauty is not limited to the beauty of the stage itself. To surpass the stage to have the imagination to create the universe, the iconic main visual stage---"Mobius"

 came into being.

Its design was inspired by the history of Chinese aerospace this year. One of the most important stories, landing on the back of the moon, exploring the unknown.

The design of the romantic stage is more emotional, biased towards the art space installation, surrounded by a piece of paper for volley design, like the pieces scattered from the sky, 

creating a smart space. The stage equipment is simplified and complex, and is small and large. It is a combination of simple, direct and transparent paper kneading. The paper group is 

enlarged and supported internally. Musicians perform in it, like flowing romantic notes. On the other hand, it is better to say that it is a large performance art performance.

The huge stage of the Raya frame needs to be supported by lights and screens. This stage and lighting has made a bold breakthrough design. The stage is mainly composed of 120 

meters wide sculpture, which makes the Raya frame become a stage as a whole and needs lighting effects to fulfill the stage space.

In the past, the stage and lights were installed outside the Raya frame. The general design of the lighting in the ceremony was Tian Wei and Lu Xiaowei, went against it. The lights were 

installed inside Raya and played different effects.

This music festival uses 560 units 380w beam light Optimus Prime from DAGE stage lighting company.

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