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Large-scale performance

DAGE enjoys the cool with《The Big Band》 this Summer

Time: 2019-08-26 11:52:16

If you need a way of entertainment against the boring and boring music festival is definitely the best choice for boring summer!  The Big Band gathers 31 of the strongest bands this summer to compete for the national HOT5 band.

Wu Qingfeng, Ouyang Nana, Zhang Yadong

Gao Xiaosong (first special guest), Qiao Shan, Ma Dong

Super fan group will witness with you

The birth of the national HOT 5 band!

The Big Bandproduced by Aiqiyi and produced by Mi Fu, is a 2019 original music variety show, which is composed of mirrors, pains, new pants, tour groups, and Lu Xiansen. The Chinese youth band, who will showcase the original music charm and creativity of the band through the content design and music performance of different themed units, in order to compete for the HOT5 band seats.

On the evening of August 10th, the final season of The Big Band was broadcasted. According to the final score of the finals, the final HOT5 was: New Pants Band, Hedgehog Band, Pain Band, Click15 and Panicin.

The new pants band keyboard Pang Kuan said: "I don't just want to have the summer of the band, I also hope to have the spring of the band, the fall of the band and the winter of the band, but every season is wonderful.

This program takes 328pcs* 2019 AK-3822 Optimus Prime Beam 382W from DAGE Stage Lighting . This light has high luminous efficiency and excellent stability, igniting the band's music this Summer.

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