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Large-scale performance


Time: 2019-11-12 16:48:00

October 12, 2019

Shaoxing 9th Sports Games and the 2nd Citizens' Games

At Shangyu Stadium, the secretary of the municipal party committee announced the opening of the city games!

The Sports Games is the largest comprehensive sports event with the highest scale and largest scale in the city. It is held every four years. This year is the ninth. The Citizens' Games are a group-wide sports event. Every two years, this year is the first. Second session. In order to improve the efficiency of the meeting, the 9th Sports Games and the 2nd Citizens' Games will be integrated for the first time.

The current Sports Games will set up two divisions, the Youth Department and the Volkswagen Department. Since May, 29 major events have been completed in 430 small events, resulting in a total of 508 gold medals. It is worth mentioning that in the previous game, a large number of young players with potential and promising prospects emerged. For example, in the shooting competition, the highest shooting record was broken in one city. In this year's Volkswagen Department, fishing and fitness qigong continue to maintain the dominant position in the province and even the whole country. The competition level is high and the competition is fierce. The competition level of many projects is close to or even leading the province; the project promotion and tug-of-war projects are promoted. The effect is obvious, and the number of participants has increased significantly from the previous cycle.

During the opening to the closing ceremony, the event project will be the finale of the current National Games, with a total of 125 major items. Among them, the Youth Department has a total of 121 small items in track and field, basketball and tennis. At that time, 121 gold medals will be produced; the Volkswagen Department will have three-person basketball and tug-of-war two major items and four small items.

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