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A large variety of studio performances lamplight Technology

Time: 2017-07-23 22:08:40

Studio large-scale variety show lighting choreography technology scheme, should strictly abide by the code for design of TV studio lighting system, the choreography, lighting, television, film and photographic studios (indoor) luminaires safety requirements ", the civil building electrical design standard" and so on technical specification requirements.

Lamplight system consists of the following parts.

Hanging device: the control system of multi function digital + boom boom

According to the production studio large-scale variety show performance and program requirements, all light boom should use multifunctional boom, starring area dominated by multifunctional honing rack rod and beam lamp hanger, auditorium with multifunctional box type suspender.

According to the rod length and the light use, the 6 kW of the adjustable light loop and the straight line should be distributed uniformly in the boom line, and at the same time, at the same time, at least 4 DMX512 digital signal ports and 1 network ports are configured to meet the requirements of digital signal and network signal transmission control.

Suspender should use aluminum alloy section bar body, no new multifunctional hanger for cable folding plate hangers should be can be a two-tier hanging lights, the lower is hanging scene, the rod should be equipped with three phase power indicator light to display the power state of motor hangers should be designed with anti meet design, / lower limit protection device, prevent hoisting device, an anti loose and broken rope device and emergency braking multiple safety protection.

Electric hanger core part is to enhance the motor, the general large-scale entertainment studio hanging equipment should be the lifting force, low noise, with the optimal transmission design, low power consumption and enhance the speed of the lifting motor. Motor reduction box shall be used in the case of the quasi hyperbolic gear rotation, and the motor device is preferably used for life - free oil.

In addition to the studio over the boom should be in the main stage left and right wall and posterior wall, specially configured for wall lights. In order to fold the curtain can be saw wall lamp. Lamp on the wall reservation lighting power circuit and signal points, in order to the lamp on the wall installation beam effect lights, shaking his head lamp computer equipment and the boom of lamps and lanterns constitute three-dimensional lighting, and through changes in the beam projection and improve the picture to the depth and width of the effect, improve lighting projection in the sense of hierarchy, rendering the atmosphere of the program.

The control system of the boom is based on the computer Ethernet based network digital control system. The system can be used in the control of the scene. The operating system needs to control the whole stage of the boom. The whole boom control system should have the ability to self check, and the configuration of the feedback signal, can be the height of the boom, running state, the status of the limit state, such as real-time parameters of the display in the field console. The signal transmission technology is suitable for the transmission of the signal and the feedback information. It is combined with the photoelectric isolation and software error correction technology to improve the anti-interference ability of the signal transmission and guarantee the data transmission with high accuracy. System wiring is suitable for the use of bus distributed technology to improve the utilization of the line, while the system has a good scalability, can be convenient for system capacity expansion and upgrading.

Lighting + intelligent lamp

Studio starring area based on the projection distance and program needs, the general selection of 2 kW and a 3 kW action digital mechanical condenser lamp, the lamp can be through the control signal lamp of the horizontal rotation, pitching and focusing three action, can satisfy variety studio program production quickly to light regulating requirements of the entire. Three action digital mechanical lamp with high light efficiency, uniform light spot, good heat resistance, light body shape, durable and so on. Light source adopts double filament quartz tungsten halogen bulb, high luminous efficiency, for the entire starring district to provide homogeneous solid cast light lighting, projection is gradual and gentle beam, shaping the characters and stereo view of the contours, increase television images of the sense of hierarchy and the depth of the stage.

The audience is generally two action digital mechanical double reflection light, to provide a large area of high brightness light based lighting. The lamp has high luminous efficiency, wide radiation range, the double reflection optical design, make the light is very uniform soft, can avoid the glare glare feeling in the viewer. In the audience area should also be a configuration of 2 kW and a 3 kW action digital mechanical condenser lamp. To provide, remote distance profile projector, to soft light supplement.

Effect analysis


.beam effect

In a large variety of studio set several multiple beam pole, and combining with the three-dimensional light walls and the stage floor layout PAR64 light, in the entire studio upper and lower, left, right, front, six direction combination constitute a full range of three-dimensional beam projection effects.

2. color

A large variety of studio should also configure dual motor drive. Color conversion accurate positioning full Yu color changer, color changer should configure import colored paper. The effect of color, consistency of high energy provides conforms to the TV program production stage and sky color change effect.


.computer lights

Computer should use high brightness CTO lamps with color temperature correction function and CMY moving head computer light color mixing function. The image of the pattern piece of computer lamp must be clear level and vertical rotation is flexible. The speed is fast and the control precision is high. More than 1000 m2 large variety studio in general should be at least 60 more than 1200W computer head light. In order to provide colorful and dynamic projection effect.

4. LED lights

As shown in Figure 1. Light up in a large variety of performances, should adopt the "fixed + Mobile" project group. Configure at least 4 sets of chasing lights, the two fixed installation in the audience at the back side of the berm and left and right cross projection area starring. On the basis of the other two programs need reservation on the gravelled the spotlight platform on the use of the flow, to form three-dimensional combination type projection, focus on rendering the atmosphere and meet large-scale variety show host.


Studio should also configure a smoke machine, bubble machine, ice machine equipment etc.. Among them, dry ice machine snow machine can provide mist, smoke, low smoke, sea of clouds, snow, and other auxiliary effect, lamplight foil dance artistic conception, rich picture, rendering the atmosphere of the scene.

Dimming control system for multiple thermal backup

Dimming control system is a complex of optical electronics, mechanical, computer technology.

Basic light adjusting and computer light

The basic optical console should be used in the main equipment of two sets, with the thermal backup function of the platform through the network to use the main station for real-time tracking and monitoring. When the main station is in fault, the automatic switch is switched on and continue to maintain the current status of the performance of the program instructions and alarm, and the light station should choose the advanced equipment. Compatible with the international ACN advanced network protocol, control capacity can meet the needs of the current use. The computer light adjusting table specially used in the control of the computer lamp can be compatible with the international ACN advanced network protocol, the best choice has the high intelligence of the computer light effect programming guide.

Control equipment should also be equipped with a tablet PC remote control system server, monitoring and alarm system, lighting design and other equipment, in order to assist control operation.


Signal transmission system

As shown in Figure 3, the large variety studio should use advanced optical fiber network transmission system, which is located in the light control room, the silicon control room, the lamp gate layer three fiber optic network switch fabric signal transmission trunk, all the lights control signal. Ethernet signal, DMX input, output, hand control, video, feedback signals and other information are all into the fiber optic network system for transmission and distribution, transmission structure is all double hot backup. System in the signal transmission equipment or transmission line fault.

The whole network transmission system can realize the output of arbitrary input control instructions, but it should also be based on the optical fiber network system with DMX512 digital signal. It can also be distributed to the 4 sets of digital signal through the compatible network / digital signal node.

Dimming equipment

1000m2 arts studio, the general design of 6 kW dimmer circuit 600.6 kW through the 400 loop road. The control cabinet is capable of receiving the signal control of the network. The intelligent light adjusting part of the adjustable light control cabinet shall adopt the double dynamic hot backup decoder, and guarantee the uninterrupted of the main control instruction signal. Adjustable optical circuit in addition to the selection of high reliability adjustable optical components, should also can carry on the real-time intelligent monitoring of current, voltage, circuit breaker, load working state, fault alarm tips to improve work efficiency, reduce the human input.

The integrated design of power distribution cabinet and power distribution equipment can save money and reduce the installation area of the equipment room, and should have the power distribution monitoring system, so as to set up the electric power and monitor the real-time operating state of the power system, such as the power and the load. Intelligent dimming, intelligent power distribution and monitoring information should be that can be displayed in the cabinet and remote network monitoring computer, for easy viewing, realize the intelligent management of the dimming equipment: at the same time, through the quantitative precision electric can monitor can not only protect live when the lighting system of the safe use of electricity, can also be a surplus of the excess electricity can deploy to other devices in the electric light, so as to realize the intelligent power scheduling.

System dimming and straight circuit should be used in all hot swappable drawer module components, should have a mixed used interchangeably with the function, so that any loop in the studio in dimming function, insert the dimming module is dimming, in need through function of insert straight through modules that can be straight so that the loop configuration mode can be made according to the actual program needs and quick adjustment to meet conventional lights, computer lights, such as different types of lighting equipment needs.

Safe and reliable distribution line engineering

Distribution pipeline project should strictly follow the television studio hall lighting system design specification requirements, the system should be adopted by the two phase five wire system of power supply and power supply, the wiring system shall be in accordance with the national standards and specifications, to ensure the electrical safety of TV program production and operation personnel.

Large variety studio cable should be made entirely of flame retardant flexible cable. Products should meet the national standards for gb5023-1997. Should the flame resistant thermoplastic elastomer insulation, sheath material, flame retardant properties should through the gb12666.5 B class into beam combustion experiment, ribbon cables should be the flat arrangement structure, the flame retardant shielded control cable should be shielded twisted pair structure is adopted as.

In addition, whether in the process design, installation and construction, or in the process of commissioning, the entire construction plan to be carried out strictly in design and quality control. Be strict, high standards of construction quality and safety, to ensure the safety and reliability of studio lighting project.

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