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Time: 2017-07-23 22:12:59

.brightness: brightness is around a surface of a micro unit area and emitted in a given direction luminous intensity divided by the cell projection into the area in the same direction, the unit is: cd/c square meters. In the lighting system, the general concept of the brightness is not met.

2. illumination illumination: refers to the flux density in a plane, it is into the luminous flux per unit area, the unit is LX. The definition and measurement of illumination is more complex, such as the average cylindrical illumination, the equivalent spherical illumination, and the scalar illumination. In the construction and decoration works often encountered, the lighting system occasionally also involves the concept of illumination.

3.luminous flux:luminous flux is refers to the light source in the unit time from into the surrounding space radiation, can cause visual reaction energy, you can see the light energy. It describes the effective radiation of the light source, the unit is 1m (Liu Ming). Luminous flux lamps of the same power may be completely different, this is because they are different because of the light effect. For example, the ordinary light bulb is only 10 1m/ watts, while the metal halide lamp can reach 80 1m/.

.Color: color temperature is refers to the same color of light emitted by the light source color and black body radiation at a certain temperature, the temperature of the blackbody said the color temperature of the light source, the general to Kelvin K as a unit. Such as 3200K and 5600k, etc.. High color temperature, light color: color temperature is low, cold light color: warm color temperature moderate, close to the white light. The nature of normal sunlight, light color temperature is generally higher than the artificial lighting color temperature. Usually, the sun color temperature is about 5600k, and the studio and performed for lamp color temperature is about 3200k. (Re Guangyuan).

But recently the rise of TV studio lighting is the cold light source, the traditional source of change. High temperature of the cold light source, low energy consumption, low fever, in the indoor and outdoor photograph, a color temperature conversion simple, natural picture, of course, cold light source reversed light and performance requirements are high.

.channel: in the modern light control, the new generation of the concept of a channel. It refers to a collection of control loops in a certain light fixture. Specifically: a lamp with the functions need to be controlled individually (for example: focus, flicker, color, etc.), and the possession of the light output circuit collectively is the channel. For example: the function of a computer lamp has aperture, color, flicker, dimming, lens horizontal movement and vertical movement, so they occupy the channel is 6. From this we can see that the concept of the channel or the traditional lighting control loop evolved, but modern lamps are more than a single channel will be gathered in a unified control of the device.

Of course, the higher the lamp, the more complex, more action, the number of channels occupied by the more, the higher the requirements of the lighting console. For example: a 108 light path, with a digital output of light, it is to control the 12 channels of the computer, so that it can only control 9 of the lamps, how to control the signal and address allocation problem.

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