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Performance comparison of several kinds of commonly used computer lamps

Time: 2017-07-23 22:14:25

In recent years, with the continuous development of reform and opening up, we have achieved unprecedented development in the field of culture and art, in order to meet the growing demand of the people in the spiritual life. Theatrical performances market, performance form, performance content more and more rich.

Literature and art performance can not be separated from the stage, also can not be separated from the stage lights. Over the years, along with the development of the performance of the arts, with the development of electronic technology in the stage lighting applications, especially the application of computer technology in the light of the application development, lighting design has added many new content. Selection and application of computer desk dimming the lighting designer can be described as a top heavy; and according to the different venues, such as domestic various TV sets of large and medium-sized studio, dance theater, auditorium, gymnasium, Art Center, and different performance, different uses, such as choice suitable computer desk dimming, in order to seek the most appropriate application and the maximum return on investment, is a professional lighting designer should address the important issue.

Stage lighting dimming equipment. Today is basically a adopts a controllable silicon dimming device, to through the console swap for regulation and control, to achieve the lamp shade change control. The classification of the light control console has several types: according to the control signal, there are analog dimming, digital dimming, and now analog dimming is gradually replaced by digital light: the use of light, the studio, the studio, due to the use of different venues, adjust the function of the control capacity, a slight difference. In this paper, a number of practical technical indicators as a measure of the standard, will be used in the United States and other countries of the United States and other countries for comparison, according to the size of the console, use range, basic functions of the application for a simple classification, for the selection of the reference.

Frist, comparison of the performance of a small computer with a light computer

The so-called small dimming, the general control of the light path is less than 100 light path, and the light sensor up to 1024 loop, through the control of the console, the light sensor in accordance with the different requirements of different uses of light. Light path of the light path is limited, in the number of lamps, can not achieve the light of all lamps and lanterns independent of the fine tune, there must be some light on the same light path of control, and only with the same output ratio of power output.

The hand control of the small set up more than 48, some even up to 96, while the set control of the push rod is less, up to 24. The expansion of set control push rod through the collection and control of the paging. To a large extent, the small dimming is a digital analog light station. Because the direct control of lamps and lanterns in the manual push rod is very intuitive, it is more suitable for the operation of some non professional lighting personnel.

The small light adjusting table is small and light weight, except for the fixed use, it is also convenient for installation and placement. Modulation table can be a folding type of notebook console, the volume is very small, modular design, can also be connected to a large number of this folding console connected to a large control system, the function has been equipped with the basic performance of large-scale complex systems, is the first choice for mobile devices, is a combination of lighting designers.

Small adjustable light station, the most suitable for basic lighting for the main purpose of the site, such as news studio, studio, large conference room, school teaching and Research Office, meeting hall, large exhibition activities, entertainment clubs, cafes, etc., as well as the construction of outdoor and indoor environmental lighting, etc..

Second, the performance comparison of medium sized computer

So called medium - sized light - adjusting unit, the general control of the light path has 100 ~ 500 optical path, and the light adjusting device can reach 1024. Normally, the selection of the light path of the total number of light control unit, through the control of the console, to achieve the light path and the tune of a pair of a way to meet a way, so that the programming, control and every one of the micro adjustment of the maximum flexibility, which is the ideal control system for each lighting designer.

Medium dimming Taiwan has no manual push rod, all the light information to advance through on-site adjustment, memory programming to the console, show a repeat of the group, the effect, the set of control and field as the basic element, repeat programming design, through the centralized control, field control repeat push rod rehearsal programming, on the spot lights in accordance with the continuous change of the lighting designer's idea.

The design of a repeat of the medium scale adjustment, has a very large flexibility, the process of changing the end of the stage in the scene to change the end of the end, can be manually cross the field, can also be programmed to give the end of the beginning, the end of the time, and the time to enter the middle to achieve a very natural, no trace of the change process. Medium - sized - sized products series are more widely used. Mainly used in small and medium studio, song and dance theater, large clubs, Disco club, the general flow of theatrical performances, comprehensive, square, as well as large outdoor lighting, etc..

Third , the performance comparison of large computer

Today's large scale adjustment, with the most advanced electronic technology and computer science and technology, integrated into many light design experience and advanced design ideas, represents the highest level of the current dimming technology. The large scale adjustment of the light path is more than 1000, can control the light sensor is more than 2048. Adjustable light station can control the capacity is no longer the problem of lighting designers worry. Changes are likely to rely on large-scale dimming console show repeats itself, are the fader, repeat push rod, for lighting designers, a large-scale dimming control with hundreds of thousands of lamps and lanterns, to tie in with the show continuous and seamless change, so heavy and complex tasks are dimming programming to achieve the required dimming Taiwan has a very simple and flexible programming method and program modification method, because every change involves thousands of lights, to minimize the gaffer programming time, reduce the light equipment on the energy, the more time and energy on the show. The emergence and continuous improvement of modern stage intelligent lamps, making it a very common application. Intelligent lamps generally use a new more efficient light source, light source, and the traditional lamps have been completely different, intelligent control of the general are equipped with a dedicated computer console. And the modern large dimming table, with light path properties set, 16 bit DMX output, a dedicated encoder for regulation control, can also be competent for the control of these smart lamps, in particular, has been set up to build a database, can be self built by the lighting division, it is easy to carry out intelligent lighting. Large dimming Taiwan is mainly used in outdoor art and culture hall, large scale, large-scale song and dance theatre.


dvanced technology, powerful, controllable circuit for each computer dimming Taiwan common advantages, some large computer desk dimming with network function, on behalf of the current international advanced digital lighting technology development, convenient resource sharing, multi point control, remote control and technical support, for the lighting design the staff designed for desktop design, provides a feasible technical means of Intronet computer network, especially the use of the world's leading Pentium II processor and the TCP/IP communication protocol, increase its "Shownet" network system technology foresight and compatibility, the main console can learn from each other, parallel operation, ensure that the programmes show or conference lighting dimming control is really no danger of anything going wrong, has very broad application prospect and use value.

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