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LED Moving Head Series

MA-1915 Batman 19pcs LED Zoom Wash Moving Head Light

MA-1915 Batman 19pcs LED Zoom Wash Moving Head Light


Batman is a high-performance, long-life, high-brightness LED zoom wash moving head light, it combines domestic and foreign high-quality materials and DAGE exquisite design technology, and use the authoritative three-phase motor, constant current circuit board and full power 350W electronic ballast, 28V and 12V supply voltage, with ultra-precise positioning and strong anti-interference ability, dimming is flicker-free and no jitter; focusing angle: 6 to 60 degrees; integrated folding clamp, built-in battery can be addressed without connecting power, with RDM insert then console can be programmed address code; full, uniform, bright and superior dyeing effect is the lighting engineer's first choice.

Power Systems

Rated power: 350W, power mutual compensation, fluctuation (± 50W) environment can also be used normally.

Voltage/Frequency: The independently developed AC110-240V/50-60HZ wide voltage switching power supply can meet the voltage and frequency requirements of different countries around the world.

Power quality: The use of high-tech constant current power supply board, all PCB components are selected first-class brands at home and abroad, AC for voltage mode, the output voltage stability, long working life and high anti-interference ability.

Lamps and wires: Hand-in-hand power cords and signal wires, cold and frost-proof, in line with CE, GB7000.15-2000 and CE20/CE22 standards.

Control System

Control Protocol: international Standard DMX512 Control Protocol.

Control channel: 16 control channels.

Control mode: DMX mode, random mode and voice control mode are optional.

Line board: high-tech constant current circuit board, 28V and 12V supply voltage, strong anti-interference ability, all PCB components are selected first-class brands to ensure that each electronic component works long-term and stable.
Optical system

Light source brand: high quality, high brightness brand LED light source.

Light source power: 19*15W RGBW full color.

Beam angle: optical lens, 6-60 degrees, full, uniform, bright, superior light, is the lighting engineer's first choice.

Color system

Color mixing effect: uniform RGBW unlimited color mixing system is composed of very rich colors. Each color can be individually controlled by DMX512 signal, and the colors are mixed to create a variety of effects.

Special features: built-in a variety of lighting effects program, can be synchronized operation from the console sound control.

Dimming system

Strobe: high-speed electronic adjustment strobe up to 1-25 times / second or random strobe.

Dimming: the total dimming channel can control the brightness and darkness of four main colors and close the light at the same time.

cooling system

Ambient temperature: -10°C-60°C

Thermal protection: the superior heat dissipation design allows the lamp body heat to be discharged in a timely manner to ensure that the lamp is always maintained within the predetermined temperature range, which can extend the service life.

lighting design

Sheet metal design: in accordance with international standards, the integration of DAGE a strong design strength, the use of new high-quality materials to create, with independent lamp body design patents.

Lamp body design power and signal lines hand in hand.

Shell design: user-friendly multi-sets of module structure, using streamlined ABS flame-retardant high temperature engineering plastics and high-strength alloy cold forming core material, beautiful and tough, with its own lamp body and design patents, counterfeiting will be investigated.


REMARKS: DAGE lighting reserves the right to modify the characteristics stated in this instruction manual at any time and without prior notice.


Carton 1 in 1: 580*470*470 (mm)        G.W.: 20kg

Flight case 4 in 1


Folding clamps: 2 pcs

Safety rope: 1 set

Bakelite plug: 1 pair

3m signal cable: 1 piece

1.5m power cable: 1 set

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